About the Whole Health Plan

The Whole Health Plan is administered and managed by WebTPA. WebTPA offers access to an Online Patient Portal giving you access to claims and deductible balances, request a replacement ID card and general benefit information. If there are questions about billing, need help finding a doctor, or general questions about the insurance plan, please call: 833-682-6480.

The Preferred Tier Network is managed by Employers Health Network (EHN) where members have access to a network of providers for a significantly lower deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Your 2020 in-network provider directory is accessible through the EHN Provider Directory.

Aetna Signature Administrators manages the Expanded Tier Network containing a network of providers that may include a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Members will have access to these providers through the Aetna Provider Directory.

Southern Scripts manages the Whole Health Plan’s prescription benefits. Access Southern Scripts Online Patient Portal for information on prescription benefits coverage, access the medication search tool, claims and benefits balances, and search for an in-network pharmacy. Southern Scripts can assist with mail order or specialty drug prescriptions. To speak directly with a representative, email support@southernscripts.net or call

The Whole Health Plan
Health Information Support

Health Information Support

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911.

If you have non-emergent medical questions (urgent care needs), please call the WFM Nurse Line, Powered by Remedy, at 1-844-WFM-SICK.  They are available to help all members 24/7.

If you have general questions regarding your health, your medications or your well-being, please contact your physician. In addition, the Whole Health Care Team provides support, by phone and/or email, for you and your family.  This coordinated physician, nurse, and administrative support team will focus on you as a whole person, not just the health complications that you may have.  The service is secure and confidential and allows you to ask any questions you have regarding your health, your medications, or your well-being.

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